How to get published. I’m new to the writing world so I’m always looking for more information and new leads. I came across this site looking for just that. If you are a new writer or just looking for references, this page might have what you looking for. .  I’ve been told in order to become a good writer is you have to write. And write and rewrite. however many times it takes. So is the old analogy true? Does practice make perfect? Well for those that are looking for perfection I found this funky site that you can post rewrites of already published works.  Sort of like a cover song to musicians. I thought the idea was great. I dream of the books I’ve read and wake up wondering if the author could spin-off in the direction my dream had taken then how would that have ended up. I also found this site . I haven’t used it yet but i looks like it can give a list of publishers that is tailored to what you want to write. Or if your ready and want to self publish try this site.

Happy hunting and Happy reading

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