Lorelei James

Lorelei James

Lorelei James

I’ve always liked when an author is well rounded. When I say well rounded I mean being able to write about a lot of subjects and still be able tell a heart felt story. I guess you have to be a jack of all trades for that kind of writing to work. As well as put in hours upon hours of time researching a topic. Thought most of her stories are about cowboys and their families, Lorelei James has a different topic for each book. In Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders Book 1) you will find sexy rodeo cowboy fun, some self actualization, and a dash of Man Love. Each book is great as a stand alone, but I suggest starting from the beginning. With a little bit for everyone Lorelei James goes into depth on subjects like, single parenthood, BDSM, LGBT, war veterans, alcohol and drug addiction. And for the fun of it she throws in some hot make up sex, sheriffs and tough as nails cowgirls. I can go on all day about the different topics she covers or you could check it out yourself. She also has a free short story if that’s all your looking for that you can download straight to your kindle. Slow Ride: Rough Riders, Book 9.5 fits into the timeline between #8 – All Jacked Up (Rough Riders) and the beginning of #10 –Cowgirl Don’t Cry (Rough Riders). Don’t forget to let these great authors know what you think and Lorelei’s homepage is at the top of this post.
Happy hunting and Happy reading,

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