Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh

I have so much to say about this author that I made a list!!!

Bound Hearts

 Dangerous Pleasure  Secret Pleasure
Guilty Pleasure  Only Pleasure  Wicked Pleasure  Forbidden Pleasure
 Shameless Embraces  Wicked Sacrifice  Submission Seduction  Ties That Bind

Bound Hearts – this series of a group of like minded men who finely find there matches. The series is full of threesomes. Take this trip on the taboo side of romance. Men who love watching their ladies have sex with other men. Hot, steamy, and with toys. You would never guess how much love is involved in each couples journey.

Men Of August

 Marly's Choice Sarah's Seduction Heather's Gift  The Twelve Quickies of Christmas

Men of August – More like minded men! This group of brother’s story starts with abuse and tragedy. These August men have some serious bones in their closet. In order for them to find their hearts they have to find a way to deal with the past. There is even some action, kidnapping, torture, child abuse, crazy ex-husbands, and psychotic family members. Ending in the love and healing of a good woman.

The Nauti Boys

 Nauti Deceptions  Nauti and Wild
Nauti Intentions Nauti Dreams Nauti Nights Nauti Boy

Nauti Boys – After growing up together these men go off to fight for their country. Once back they start their new lives and find out that not all demons are left in the past. Even when stalkers and rapists start following their new women home, and crazy family members determine to ruin the lives of all the Nauti Boys they find a way to prevail. This series continues on when Nauti girls start to come of age. Much to the Horror of there uncles, brothers and fathers.

The Breeds

Bengal's Quest Too Hot To Touch
Tied With A Bow Lawe's Justice Stygian's Honor Overcome
 Navarro's Promise  Primal  Styx's Storm  Lion's Heat
 Hot For The Holidays  Bengal's Heart  Coyote's Mate  The Magical Christmas Cat
 Mercury's War  Shifter  Dawn's Awakening  Beyond The Dark
 Tanner's Scheme  Harmony's Way  Megan's Mark  Hotspell
 Aiden's Charity  Jacob's Faith  Primal Heat  Soul Deep
 Kiss of Heat  Elizabeth's Wolf  The Man Within  Tempting The Beast

Breeds – Have you ever wondered what life would be like if the world revealed that private government agencies have been tampering with human DNA for nearly 100 years. That some of those breeds live freely around the world. Oh but most are still being tortured and miss treated in those same laboratories that created them. How would god and or our creator fit into that scientific manipulation? He creates one mate for each breed to be able to claim and love forever. Each story is the telling of a breed finding his or her mate.

There are so many more books by Lora Leigh that I’m still getting caught up. I have read a number of these stories many times. I find solace that though these characters have had nightmares in there past, the future is unsure until you get there. Hope you like what you find.

Breeds Series in reading order

  1. Tempting the Beast
  2. The Man Within
  3. Elizabeth’s Wolf
  4. Kiss of Heat
  5. Soul Deep
  6. The Breed Next Door
  7. Megan’s Mark
  8. Harmony’s Way
  9. Tanner’s Scheme
  10. Wolf’s Hope
  11. Jacob’s Faith
  12. Aiden’s Charity
  13. In a Wolf’s Embrace
  14. Dawn’s Awakening
  15. A Jaguar’s Kiss
  16. Mercury’s War
  17. Christmas Heat
  18. Coyote’s Mate
  19. Bengal’s Heart
  20. A Christmas Kiss
  21. Lion’s Heat
  22. Styx’s Storm
  23. Primal Kiss
  24. Navarro’s Promise
  25. An Inconvenient Mate
  26. Lawe’s Justice
  27. Stygian’s Honor
  28. Bengal’s Quest

Happy hunting and Happy reading,

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