Cate Tiernan

Cate Tiernan

The Sweep Book Series starts with a bang. Morgan finds out not only is her past not what it seems but also her home life isn’t as well. This story continues as she explores the begging of new love and new witchcraft powers. Each book is a relatively sort read at about 100 pages, except the last book at about 180 pages. The series finishes off letting us learn about a whole new generation of witches and Morgan’s fight to get her love back from grudge holding relative. This series is low on the Sizzle scale and high on my favorites list. I love me some young adult stories and I enjoyed this one a lot. I hope you check it out.
Happy hunting and Happy reading,

Sweep Book Series By Cate Tiernan  Also available by Volumes

  1. Book of Shadows
  2. The Coven
  3. Blood Witch
  4. Dark Magick
  5. Awakening
  6. Spellbound
  7. The Calling
  8. Changeling
  9. Strife
  10. Seeker
  11. Origins
  12. Eclipse
  13. Reckoning
  14. Full Circle
  15. Night’s Child

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