I finally got the guts!!! #freereads

I finally got the guts to post something that I wrote so here goes!

Love for Vic

By C Dabbs
Ch1 Victor

After so many centuries of living my life has become rather boring. With all the changes going on around me you’d think I would find something to keep my interested in well anything. I’ve been living in this beach house for 2 months and until tonight I thought I’d be able to find some peace. As I looked out along the endless private beach in front of my home I realize that someone is watching me. Of course I’m not trying to hide myself, but it would look better if I pretend that I hadn’t noticed. So I make my way into the water with my board before I get up to my waste her voice slams my ears on makes my unbeaten heart ache to hear her speak again.
“ Hey, That waters really cold this time of year. Most people wear wetsuits.” her voice resonated with scorn and concern.
“I hope your aware that this is private property so if you don’t mind finding your way back to the main road so I can go back to my swim” he mumbled hoping she wouldn’t. It would be safer for her if she left. He couldn’t help but worry about how she got here and as she mentioned it was cold and she was only warring a light t-shirt that read “WARNING ONLY THE MAGIC WORD MAKES THE CLOTHES COME OFF” a pair of shorts, with no shoes on.
“Well I would but I don’t know how to get there. My so-called friends decided to leave me behind with this jerk and he fell asleep drunk or something and now I have to find a new way to get home, or at least call my friends to come get me.” she seamed to prattle on and stop abruptly realizing she was rambling. She looked nerves as she bit her soft looking glossed lip while looking at her feet. I could smell the wood smoke coming off of her and the undercurrent scent of her shampoo. Mmmm strawberry. She was even wearing strawberry flavored lip gloss. I slowly made my way back to the beach and tried not to make her any more nerves with my pretend human smile.
“I guess I can take my swim later you’re welcome to us my phone” he said reaching out to offer a his hand. “My names Victor.” he finished with a

light kiss on top of her hand. Her eyes widened as if I truly had scared her. “What’s wrong? Oh, uh, I’m sorry I hope I was not to forward. Where I’m from it’s polite to take a lady’s hand in introduction.” he shut up quickly thinking he had done something wrong.
“Uh, no its fine. It was quite nice actually. My name is Victoria so, well that kind of threw for a second.” she ended with a sweet blush on her cheeks while again biting that plump bottom lip.
“ A lovely name all though not quite common anymore.” he said as he gazed in to shinning golden hazel eyes.
“Yeah, I’ve notice. My mom had this romance novel phase before I was born. She told me it reminded her of one of her favorite strong characters.” again her blush made him ache all over again. What would it be like to have her in his arms.
“Would you like to come in with me. I have some coffee that might still be warm. Maybe you can tell me more about this book while we wait for your friends?” Still holding her hand he gently pulled her around to face the house. He slowly let go of her hand so he could pick up his board. When she didn’t follow right away he looked back over his shoulder. The look that crossed her face was quickly replaced by a shy smile. What was it he wondered? Regret? Disappointment? He wasn’t sure but she soon followed after him.

They made their way up the two flights of stairs in silence. He couldn’t help but wonder what she was thinking. She kept looking over at him shyly and shaking her head. When they got to porch he went around the side of the house and she followed. He opened side door to the kitchen.
“Go ahead and have a seat inside I’ll be right in.”
“Sure, Uh Thanks!”
“Not a problem.” He closed the door behind her and turned around to put his board away. He wasn’t sure if he was going to get another chance to swim so showered at the outdoor stall. As he was turning off the water he head the door open. He came around the corner and they ran into each other.
“oomph” she mumbled as he grabbed her around her waist to steady her.
“Oh geez! Sorry are you all right?” he said reaching up to sweep her beautiful brown hair out of her eyes.
“yeah I was just going to let you know my friends are on their way. They said it would be about and hour.” Oooh that blush was back with warmth to go along with it.
“May I get you something to drink?” he said still not wanting to let go of her even if he was all wet. He took her hand and grabbed two towels and pulled her along behind him. Just inside the door she let go of his hand and turned to close the door and lean against it.
“ I can make some more coffee or hot chocolate. I also have soda, Tea and wine.” he finished and turned around to see that she was worrying on that strawberry lip again. It must be something she does all the time. He cant help but think about how they might taste.
“Water would be fine. Tap is fine.” she came around the island in the kitchen to where I had lade the towels and took one for herself. I took the other and noticed as she watched me dry off and wrap it around my waist. I turned around to get her water and smiled to myself. It’s always feels good to have a lovely ladies attention.
“So tell me about the book.” He didn’t think she was going to continue the story until she came around the island and cleared her throat.
“Well I don’t remember much about what she told me except that this Victoria was load rude woman who no one could tame until a vampire gentleman came to town and swept her off her feet. At least that how my mom tells it. I’ve never actually read it.” her blush grew darker and he wonders if she would like to read it.
“I have a library full of books maybe we can find it?” he handed her the glass of water and she looked like she couldn’t drink it fast enough. Half way through she looked back into his eyes with a sweet smile and a nod.
“Sure I’ve always wanted to find it but she would never tell me the title.”
“We have almost an hour so lets start looking.” he grabbed her hand as she rushed to put the glass down and they strolled off to the library.
CH 2 Victoria

I can’t remember the last time I felt like this. I can’t think or talk straight. Can he tell how completely and utterly giddy I am right now? He’s beautiful and I’m just well, ME! I want to run my fingers through his tangled blond hair and gaze into his eyes that twinkle. Eyes that are some strange in between color of blue and violet, like the Tanzanite pendent sitting at home in my jewelry box, only bigger and brighter. The feel of his cold hand in mine makes me feel like my blood is boiling from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. What would it feel like to kiss those soft rose bud lips of his. Biting my own lip to stop a moan from escaping. We came to a stop in a room I hadn’t even realized we’d walked into.
“This is my library. Feel free to look around. I have to be honest, that I have quite a few romance novels. I don’t think I have  read the one you’re looking for but I have only read about half of what I have here.” he finished with a squeeze of my hand and I immediately felt its absence when he let go. Trying to bring myself out of my disappointment I turned to him with what I hoped was my best flirting smile.
“So are you a hopeful romantic or just naughty boy with too much time on his hands?” Oooh gee did my cheeks just flush again?
“A little of both actually. It’s been a while for me so the books keep me busy and , well …..um people tend to make me nerves. I’ve only gone out twice since I moved in 2 months ago.” he looked ashamed. But why?
“But your such a beautiful man. I can’t imagine how you haven’t found a beautiful woman to keep you company?” shocking herself with her bold statement, she was blushing all over again. To embarrassed to face him she turned to the nearest shelves and graded the first book her hand touched. Without a sound except the beating of her heart his voice came from just behind her. His breath a mix or ocean breeze and mint, moved threw her hair and brushed the soft skin just behind her ear. Sending a shivered down her neck past her now heaving breasts over her quivering stomach ending in that warm place that hasn’t been touch in so long.
“I haven’t seen beauty until tonight.” Did he actually think she was beautiful or was he just using lines from one of his many books? Before she had a chance to comment he pulled her hair away from her ear, wrapped his hand behind her head and turned her to face him. He came slowly closer and paused just a breath away from her lips. As if to ask permission or maybe to wait for her to take the next step. So she did. His cool breath came out in a gasp as I traced my toung along his bottom lip and slid it slowly into his parted wet lips and brought us together. With a fierce turn he had me in his arms as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and slid my hands into his silk fine hair still wet from the water. Just as suddenly and before I had a chance to taste him he turned away from me. Letting go so suddenly I had to catch myself on the shelf behind me.
“I sorry I….. we shouldn’t have done that.” he cut off clearly tense with shoulders stiff and his breath heaving as hard as hers.
“Wh…..Why not?” surly confusion must have been written across her face.
“Its been to long and I don’t want to hurt you.” still confused but trying to understand she forces herself to take a deep breath to calm herself.
“Its been a while for me too, but I’m not so easily broken.” the tension in his shoulders slowly eased and let out a soft rattled breath that almost sounded like a chuckle. He turned with his hand extended and come back to stand in front of me. I took his hand gently not wanting to scare him off again.
“I want to get to know you and take it slow if that’s alright with you?” he said almost looking embarrassed by his actions.
“I’d like that.” she said with a small happy flipper in her stomach. She turned to look at the selves that she had forgotten about. “With these hundreds of books this might take us a while. How about we start with the ones you haven’t read?” she reach down to pick up and put back the on she didn’t know she’d dropped. With a smile revealing his shiny white teeth he pulled her to the far corner of the room. There were four different shaped boxes filled with both new and used books. All stacked along the far wall under the open draped large window. He pulled me over to the big desk chair so I could sit down and turned to the older of the four boxes.
“This ones all used books from all over the place so maybe we will get lucky.” he said while looking back over his shoulder. I looked into his gem colored eyes with a new warmth in inside me. The mischievous half-smile that came over his lovely lips made me shiver with hope. Was I already this lucky?
“Here. Start on these and I’ll go get the phone so you can call your friends and give them the address.” with a new sence of dunce she realized he was right.
“Oh, yeah thanks I forgot.” while he was gone she turned to the desk and wrote her own phone number and e-mail down on one of the post it notes. She put it under one of the boxes and sat back down just in time for him to walk back in the room with another one of those half smiles on his lips. He handed her the phone, sat down in front of the boxes and started picking through them. After the phone call they sat quietly going threw stacks and stacks of books. She tried to organize them as best as she could when she set them aside but their were so many vampire related books that she soon gave up on that tack. They were so quiet that when he did finally say something she nearly jumped out of the chair.
“Hay, We might have a winner here!” he got up and brought the book over to her. It was a used paper back that looked like it had been well-loved and taken care of. The only signs of its well use was the softness of its binding. I turned it over in my hands and started to read the back cover.
With all the people in Victoria’s life turning away from her
she never imagined finding such a lovely future in him.

When Nathan showed up in this new town running away from his cold past he found the warmth
he was looking for in her sad eyes.
He knew he would never be able to let her go.

As these two struggle with life and death, past and present,
future and destiny.

Come along on this journey of ever lasting passion that breaks
and love that burns.

“It looks like a really good book. Since I haven’t read it I’d like it back when your done.” his soft voice came from right over her shoulder.
“Sure, I’ll make sure you get it back when I’m done.” promising herself to hand deliver it in person. Just then the intercom chimed.
“Hello, I’m here to pick up Vicky.” god I hate that nick name. Victor turns to her with questions in his eyes.
“I hate it when she calls me that. My grandmother used to call me Vicky before she passed last year. But Jema still wont stop saying it.” I stopped myself before I could start crying over the loss of my Nama. He reached to run his thumb along my cheek that ended at my jaw line. He gently pulled my chin up to meet his eyes but he gave me a soft kiss on my forehead and come away with a soft smile.
“I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother but you could start calling Jema, Jimmy and see how long in takes her to quit. It will also give you a chance to talk to her about your grandmother.”
“HELLO.” Jema with her endless sarcasm. Victor walked away to hit a button on the intercom, for I assume to let her in or open a gate. He turned back to her with an expression that looked sort of like anger or frustration maybe? That she could understand. Her roommate always had a way of frustrating her.
“I guess I should walk you out? I’d like to see you again. Can I call you?” he sounded so unsure of himself. Could it be possible that he’s just as nerves as she is?
“Yeah, definitely!” she felt silly for thinking up this silly plan. As he turned away probably to get a paper and pen , she grabbed the back of his towel and it came loose. That god he still had his shorts on or she wouldn’t be able to talk. “I wrote down my phone number and e-mail on a post-it note and hid it here in the library.” each with playful grins they turned and looked around. She reached for his hand to stop him and pulled him to the door. “When you find it you can call me!” she finish as he continued on to lead her through the house. They came to the front door and after he opened it he turned back to her and brought the hand that he was still holding up to his lips. The softest brush of his lips brought a new blush to her cheeks.
“Sweet dreams lovely Victoria.” he said as he slowly released her hand.
“Good night Victor.” she said not wanting to leave.
HONK! HONK! “Come on Vicky I have to work some time this week.” Jema said yelled toward the house.
“HOLD YOUR PANTS ON JIMMY.” she returned with a frustrated chuckle.
“That’s my girl.” he smiled holding back a laugh of his own.
“I’ll see you soon?” her smile abruptly being replaced by a frown.
“As you like.” he said reaching up to run his finger along her bottom lip that she didn’t know she was chewing on. His touch ended at the corner of here mouth as he smiled at her and her frown found its lift again. How did he do that?
“Soon.” promising the both of them. She didn’t want to say good-bye so she turn away fast and ran for the car. “I TOLD YOU TO QUIT CALLING ME VICKY.” she told Jema when she got close to the car. She half turned to wave bye, but he had already gone inside. Not wanting to listen to Jema’s complaints, she turned up the radio and watched the house fade into the back round.
CH 3 Victor
After I watched her quick retreat I closed the door and watched the lovely sway of her ass as she got in to the car. When she turned to see he wasn’t there hope flooded in him. Maybe, hmmm, maybe she didn’t want to leave either. Why hadn’t he told her though? Because, even as old as I am I’m still a romantic fool and don’t want to scare her.
Such sweet shyness, and playful flirting sarcasm that made him ache to know everything about her. How would she react if she ever learned his secret. Dreading the possibility of rejection he vowed to not lie to her. So far so good. Maybe just maybe she won’t be scared of him. She didn’t comment on his book selections. He wondered off back to his library letting his mind wonder and go search for his treasured note. What an imagination she has. I never would have thought of it.
Six hours and still nothing. Now being to tired and having trouble seeing straight he tripped over one of the boxes on the way out the door. Well maybe I’ll find it tomorrow, or would that be today. Even after falling in to bed I still can’t sleep. My mind wonders to those perfect strawberry flavored lips. The soft sway of her lower back to the plump round cheeks of her ass. I drifted into a dream filled sleep with images that would surely scare her.
CH 4 Victoria
Have really been a week already? It’s Thursday afternoon and the start of a new weekend. After leavening the library I head up to my dorm room hoping to finish the book I started to read. I still haven’t heard from him so maybe he decided not to call me after all. I don’t think I hid the note so hard that he couldn’t find it. If I can get this book finish I can get it back to him. Maybe I’ll head over tomorrow morning and see if he’s home.
After turning on my computer I head over to my bed and with the book. Reading the current steamy scene and wondering if the batteries in my vibrator are still working, my computer chimes. I close my eyes and hope with everything that I have in me that Victor has finally found my note. I slowly move to the desk with sweaty hands and touched the mouse to make the screen come to life.
Blazing in my vision a IM request from : V2biTeU
No way could this be Victor? My own name is :V2kiSSu. I check out the minor profile that I’m aloud until I accept him so that I can dig some more. It says he’s been a member for 2 months, lives on the west coast and is Single. Hummm, not much to go on. I quickly adjust my profile to be private to all. Can never be too careful. I accept him for a chat but wait to make sure its him before I approve him to see my profile.
V2biTeU: hi, beautiful!!! 😉
V2kiSSu: uuuh? Who’s this?
V2biTeU: I know I’m not the only person on the west coast that thinks your beautiful!! 3 guesses and the first one only counts if u get it right.
V2kiSSu: well with so many admirers there is only one that makes my butterflies flutter 😉
V2biTeU: should I b jealous or should I go get my butterfly net?
V2kiSSu: uuuuh give me a hint.
V2biTeU: I miss the sweet smell of your strawberry hair! 😉
V2kiSSu: that’s not a hint, you could be my roommate down at the library messing with me!!! NEXT!!
V2kiSSu: LOL that could be half the student body that has seen me wearing that shirt!!! NEXT!!
V2biTeU: Is Jema still calling you Vicky or did my advise not work!
V2kiSSu: I already knew it was u and no she hasn’t quit but it did give us a chance to talk so thank you.
V2biTeU: glad to hear it. So do I need to get my net? J
V2kiSSu: no net needed I think u already caught me
CH 5 Victor

I can’t believe I finally found the note in of all the place that I hadn’t checked, stuck under the last box.

V2biTeU: Sorry it took me so long to get back to u I’m not very good at treasure hunts!!!
V2kiSSu: Treasure huh? 😉
V2biTeU: yes u r!!!
V2kiSSu: (blush)
V2biTeU: have u finished the book
V2kiSSu: almost still a couple of ch. To go yet
V2biTeU: is it n e good
V2kiSSu: I guess but I don’t usually read romance I’m more into horror and science fiction
V2biTeU: humm interesting!!
V2kiSSu: ?
V2biTeU: that’s why I like the vampire romance…….
V2biTeU: I little bit of horror and a whole lot of steam 😉
V2kiSSu: crap that reminds me I have to replace my batteries = P

Is she just making conversation or is she trying to drive me crazy? The thought of her playing with her favorite toy! What size, color, functions, and the sounds that would come out from her sweet strawberry lips.

V2biTeU: (groon) r u teasing me or do u need replacements for your flashlight
V2kiSSu: ;-P wouldn’t u like to know!!!!
V2biTeU: yes I would !!! Please!!!
V2kiSSu: 😉 I don’t own a flash light!!!!
V2biTeU: hummmm!!! What kind of batteries?
V2kiSSu: AA lots and lots of AA
V2biTeU: ummmm!!! How many toys?
V2kiSSu: 😉 r u trying to get me to talk dirty to u?
V2biTeU: maybe, but my imagination isn’t good enough to compare to u
V2kiSSu: (blush) 2
V2biTeU: tell me about them, names colors sizes ect.
V2kiSSu: names?
V2biTeU: sure, did they cum with names or did u give them their own! 😉
V2kiSSu: ( blushing beet red)
V2biTeU: I adore that I can make u blush
V2kiSSu: (blushing harder)
V2biTeU: do they have names? lol
V2kiSSu: one I call BOB he was my first
V2biTeU: BOB?
V2kiSSu: battery operated boyfriend, been here at school 1.5 years and still bob has never left me
V2biTeU: I wont leave unless u tell me to ;-(
V2kiSSu: J
V2biTeU: what’s this BOB look like?
V2kiSSu: small nothing fancy just an on/off switch. BOB is normal and nothing scary
V2biTeU: glad to hear it! I think BOB needs to b retired and replaced
V2kiSSu: oh but there is still Butter
V2biTeU: ?
V2kiSSu: it looks like a butterfly, fits in my hand and glows in the dark
V2biTeU: sounds like we could have some fun with Butter
V2kiSSu: maybe when were ready to speed up we can make it a threesome???
V2biTeU: (groon) absolutely, your killing me!!!!
V2kiSSu: J so what r u doing tomorrow ?
V2biTeU: hopefully cooking u a nice meal n e requests?
V2kiSSu: J I only do coffee for breakfast but I’ll let u decide on lunch and dinner I’m easy to cook for !!
V2biTeU: And dinner? I’m so glad to hear that! Do u like seafood?
V2kiSSu: yes n e thing but lobster or escargot
V2biTeU: ?
V2kiSSu: lobster, flavor / and snails?? Come on really? Texture!!! Eeeww!!
V2biTeU: J
V2kiSSu: I need coffee first thing in the morning or I’m a monster all day so how does 11am sound?
V2biTeU: n e times fine with me
V2kiSSu: I have to finish this book so I can get it back to you tomorrow
V2biTeU: steamy dreams my butterfly!!!
V2kiSSu: (blush) night!!!

V2biTeU Has Logged off

Hit with a blast of inspiration I shut down my computer and start to clean up the disaster I made out of my library until the sun goes down. I wonder if Butter only takes one battery?
CH 6 Victoria
After being up late finishing my paper for sociology and finish the reading the book. I have to scramble out the door and over to the Coffee bar. The cashier might be rude but the coffee is good and quick. I make sure I have the book in my purse and head out the door to my car. Last night I had to ask Jema how to get back to Victors house. She grilled me with 120 questions for over and hour until I finally said goodnight and fell nervously to sleep.
My thoughts are so scrambled with what ifs that I almost miss his street. His house isn’t hard to pick out from memory because its only one of three in the court. I pulled up to the gate and press the button.
“Hello, I’m here.”
“Good morning my beautiful butterfly. Come on in I’m almost done making lunch, make yourself at home.” BUZZZZ
Wow he really is serious about cooking for me. I pull around to side of the house and park in front of the garage. I took a second to slow my heart beat and calm myself down it would be terribly ridiculous if I fainted as soon as I see him. I try to get my hands to stop shaking as I make my way up the walkway to the front door.
Since he said he’ll meet me inside I don’t bother knocking and go on in. First thing I notice when I come around the corner into the living room is a red velvety box with a white ribbon wrapped around two corners and dainty little bow on the top corner. There is a little folded note under the ribbon with beautiful writing on the front.

So I don’t feel left out when
BOB and Butter get all your attention.
Before I even get a chance to take off my coat and set my purse down Victor enters the room wiping his hands on a dish towel. God he looks so sexy with that apron around his waist. I hope he’s not upset I was late.
“Let me get your coat.” he said reaching for my purse and starting to reach for the box.
“I want to open the box first.” I say making sure that he doesn’t pull it away.
“Alright.” with his almost nervous half-smile.
“Should I be scared?” squinting my eyes with suspicion.
“Maybe, but not about what’s in the box.” he said with the most blazing smile that he almost took my breath away. I open the box with my newly shaking hands. Definitely not what I was expecting. Sitting on top of a large economy size package of AA batteries was a small flashlight the probably holds AA’s as well. Looking up from the box probably blushing brighter than the box itself.
“Very funny!” I quickly cover my box and set it by my purse.
“I thought it would might help you thing of me every time you change the batteries. I really do adore the fact that I can make you blush.” he said when I finish putting my coat on the hook. He pulls my in to his arms and places a feather light kiss on my cheek. He slowly releases me blushing his hand down my arm and collects my fingers with his. He pulls me alongside him and guides me into the kitchen.
CH 7 Victor
“I keep forgetting to ask what the magic word is?,” I let blurt out. I keep myself from wonder how soft her lovely neck would feel against my lips. How every thrust of our hips meeting in the middle would feel. I’ve been able to think of nothing else but her since she left me last.
“Well I haven’t really given it much thought. I joke about it most of the time when it’s mentioned but I never wanted to undress for anyone until now.,” she looked up from under lightly lowered eye lashes.
“I know I said that we should wait but I’ve changed my mind. I still want to get to know everything about you but I don’t want to wait to make love to you.,” I hold my breath hope I hadn’t been to forward.
“I know I don’t want to wait, maybe we should at least have lunch first because I seems a shame to let all your hard work go to waste.,” she spoke almost thoughtfully looking around, with her sweet lip tucked between her teeth. “Were did you plan on us eating?”

OK so that’s what I have so far. For those of you that love me please be nice. It’s a work in progress and of course I still new to finish it. What you do tell me might have an impact on where I take the story.

my heart is beating out of my chest right now I’m so nerves.


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