L.J. Smith

L.J. Smith

There are many series groups to pick from when you’re looking at L.J. Smith. Most of the stories are in the YA genre. High school age kids fighting the good fight against darkness and evil. Witchcraft and sorcery are delivered in many different ways all throughout L.J. Smith’s writing. I have already read Dark Visions, Forbidden Game, Nightworld, Vampire Diaries, but The Secret Circle series is my favorite of all of the different ones to pick from. The Character of Cassie is the persona I relate to the most. I will now admit that as a kid I wanted all of a sudden one day wake up and have superpowers. Well Cassie goes to Cap Cod and finds out she’s a witch. Pretty cool huh? Well that’s just the beginning. Cassie has a rollercoaster of a time trying to find out who she is in this new world and has to fight evil in her new town. I’ve read this series twice in the last couple years. Hope you like it and don’t forget to review these books so that other readers can find them also.
Happy hunting and Happy reading,

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