Mike Wells

Mike Wells

I just finished reading Lust, Money & Murder – Book 1: A Female Secret Service Agent Takes on an International Criminal (Lust, Money & Murder Series) . I was able to pick up 8 free reads at Amazon for my Kindle. One of which was a Two book set with another author. I tend to read more romance but I liked this one. It had a good story line and a strong leading female character. I definitely plan on picking up more from Mike Wells in the future.

Happy hunting and Happy reading,


Wild Child, Book 1: A Teenage Sci-Fi Conspiracy Thriller

The Drive-By Wife, Book 1: A Dark Tale of Blackmail and Obsession

Baby Talk – Book 1: Every Parent’s Horror Story

Secrets of the Elusive Lover – Book 1: The Personal Journal of a Playboy

The Wrong Side of the Tracks – Book 1: A Coming-of-Age Story of First Love & True Friendship

The Mysterious Disappearance of Kurt Kramer – Book 1: A Romantic Teenage Sci-Fi Thriller

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