Vamp VS. Vamp

I’ve wondered in the past why Stephenie Meyer decided to make her vampires sparkly? Was it to make them appear more likable and romantic. Quote twilight ECL seduceThe big difference is probable due to the fact is the Twilight series is YA rated and it would be much to scary for the kids if she were to have written bloodier and more graphic scenes. I would have loved to have read an x rated version with more blood and intimate details about the Cullen’s and the relationship between Bella and Edward. I can just picture a sparkly cover with a big red X across  the front and  wrapped in plastic so the kids can’t peek.Quote ABVH circus mirror

That is why I love Laurell K. Hamilton’s vampires that little bit more. More blood and guts. More sex scenes and just more for adults in general. Laurell has found a way to keep the gore and raunchy and still give each character the romance and likability. With the added bonus having scary vampires to hate, the world of Anita Blake is more my speed.

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