Your Book Home Study Writing Course By Glen Palmer

Today I want to talk about Glen Palmer’s Start
Your Book Home Study Writing Course. I stumbled across his course by
pure accident, the reason I stopped to read the sales page, something I
wouldn’t normally do is because deep down I’ve always wanted to write a
book but always thought I had to undertake some expensive creative
writing course and it would take years to write. However, after reading
the sales page I decided to invest in the course, why? Well for three
reasons really, one, Glen claims that anyone could write a book from
scratch in under a month and two, for only $27, it’s a steal and
finally number three, he gives you a 60 day guarantee. So if you aren’t
satisfied with the course, he’ll refund you the money. It was a win /
win for me.
I got immediate access to the course and was just blown away with the
excellent content in this course. It comes in 16, very detailed
modules, but don’t let that put you off, each module is really easy to
understand and comes in video, audio and PDF format, and if that’s not
enough you can download the entire course as a 150 page eBook.
Although the fantastic content, I was still a little skeptical about
learning to write a book in under a month, however, my skepticism was
blown out of the water when I came to do the 5-minute writing
technique. Now I’m convinced I can write a book that fast and what’s
more, Glen makes it really fun, I actually enjoy going though the
Now you may think, why do I need to write a book? Well the answer is
quite simple. As Glen puts it, you instantly become an expert in your
chosen niche or field of expertise. You become the person your
competitor’s clients come to for answers. It’s a key to unlimited
So if you’ve ever wanted to write a book, wanted to increase your
client base, heck if you want to quit your day job, then I seriously
urge you to invest in the Start Your Book Home Study Writing Course now
before the price increases.

Happy hunting and Happy reading,



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