Dog-eared old friend!

Dog-eared old friend!

dog earedHave you ever found yourself looking through your library of books and wanting to find that old friend and curl up and read it AGAIN? It may be the one you have on all of your devices, or it may even be the one that you carry with you. Even as dog-eared as it has become your probably going to end up buying a new one soon because it keeps falling apart. That one book that you can probably recite word for word, because it is so close to your heart. For some people that one book changes over the years, and some have the same one all their lives. I can imagine people creating careers around that one book. I can imagine a young girl going off to study art history because she once fell in love with a Jane Austen novel. I can picture a father introducing his son to his favorite book that is an epic tale about The Old Man and the Sea. I see father and son going off to have their own sea adventures.

I like to read a lot of different kind of books though classics have never been my favorite. In resent years I’ve had a few dog-eared old friends.  Right now the ones that I keep coming back to are the Anita Blake Series By Laurell K. Hamilton. I have a couple of those that are my favorites as well.  Blue Moon, because Anita finally has to learn how to deal with her powers. Obsidian Butterfly, because she finally gets to see a softer side to Edward. The one book that I have always kept handy is a book of poetry by Maya Angelo, Phenomenal Woman. It inspires me with a pick me up , and reminds me that life could be worse. I would really like to hear about your dog-eared old friend!

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