Contest Win a free book just tell us a #funnyshoestory

This contest is closed!!!!!


In the book Chance the Darkness (The Dark Series Book 1) by L A Wild, the lead female character Summer is always having trouble walking in her 5 inch heals. I would like to hear your funniest shoe story. Leave a comment at and telling us your story and the one with the most Likes will win a free copy of Chance the Darkness (The Dark Series Book 1) by L A Wild. Deadline is 11:59pm on 07/29/2015 the winner will be posted asap and will receive the book via email. Any story not posted at will not be eligible to win. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. 

This contest is closed!!!!!

MaXiMuM MiZaH?N tek adresi!!! Sen hala üye de?il misin??... Yapman gereken sadece adresine bo? mail atmak ve gelen maili cevaplamak... Ücretsiz... Ne duruyorsun hadi ama...

funny-high-heels high-heels-funny

 20090417_163849_strange_shoes_0 shoe dep snow shoe

This contest is closed!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Contest Win a free book just tell us a #funnyshoestory”

  1. Even though i’m not eligible I still have one #funnyshoestory . The only reason I can laugh now is because I was so horrified then. In High School I had this one pair of sneakers that i loved and refused to throw out, so when the sole finally started flapping I had to pull it off. (Can you just hear it? FLAP FLAP FLAP) I walked around the rest of the day with the top of my shoe still on with a missing sole so I didn’t have to get sent home. Can you just imagine the look of my sock when I finally got home. Yuck!!!


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