Chance the Darkness By L. A. Wild

(The Dark Series Book 1) – Chance the Darkness By L. A. Wild

L.A.Wild Bio picSunshine, Daisy, Butter, Mellow turn this Ghoul into nicer fellow. Not that there is any witchcraft in this story,  though rituals are mentioned. It is definitely not a YA rated book. After the death of their parents Summer and her sister have drifted apart. Not having been close in resent years is why she needs answers when crazy things start happening after her sisters murder.  Summer has so many question starting with her parents and the list keeps getting bigger. The list of people trying to kill her or use her keeps getting bigger as well. Sunny has a hard time realizing at first that using her words is not going to keep her safe and she finally starts to fight back for herself. With all this crazy going on around her she still has this epic chemical and almost fated reaction to Black. But is he being honest with her or is he lying just like everyone else?

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(The Dark Series Book 2) – Sense the Darkness  By L A Wild

Waking in a red dirt world Summer has to fight to stay alive. What does she come back to? People still plotting against her, long kept secrets being revealed, and a demanding blood drinker threatening to change her. Summer finally starts to ask the right questions and getting the answers may not be what she wants to hear. With everything happening so quickly, two questions still remain. How has she been able to stay alive and what is she changing into?

Available at Amazon

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