Stroke of Midnight By Laurell K. Hamilton

(Meredith Gentry 4) Stroke of Midnight By Laurell K. Hamilton

MG 4 SoMidnight love beachMG 4 SoMidnight skilletIn order to answer the presses questions and alleviate the fear that the Princess was injured, the Queen allows them into the Sithen. Before the press could finish their questioning and leave a couple of dead bodies turns up where the press should not have been able to get to. Being inside the Sithen Merry’s powers have grown and are creating havoc with the timetables of the Sithen and the human world. For each new power that Merry returns to the Unseelie their seems to be more people who come after her and her men. With all this to deal with the Queen is now showing signs that she is jealous that all the power is coming to Merry and not to her.




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