Swallowing Darkness By Laurell K. Hamilton

(Meredith Gentry 7) – Swallowing Darkness By Laurell K. Hamilton

MG 7 SD miss MG 7 SD pritty evilUpon waking in the hospital where Merry has yet to recover from the sexual and physical assault by her Uncle King Taranis, Merry’s own Gran is used in a plot to kill her men. With the power of the Wild Hunt at her finger tips, Princes Meredith uses it to hunt down the person behind the attack. The suspects reveal additional plots against Meredith’s other men. After leaving the Hunt Merry now needs the help of her King Sholto to heal Mistral and keep her safe. Taking the power of the Wild Hunt with them into the Sluagh, releases the remaining power into the people and gives them new creators. When the very power of the Sithen warns Merry of additional danger Meredith is forced to make the decision to go back to L.A. In order to do that she is going to call in human back up.




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