Journey to Lobster Cove By Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley 32 – Journey to Lobster Cove By Carol Lynne

fishing townThe small town of Cattle Valley in almost to capacity. Aza and Mario come up with a plan to buy up a small town on the brink of ruin. With all the preparation needed before the town is habitable Asa is forced to stay on site. As the added time apart starts to take its toll on the relationship they come up with a plan that just might be suited for their new life.
After fighting his feelings for Cullen for so long, Joseph has a hard time coming to terms with it and pushes him away once again. Cullen makes one last effort to try to change Joseph’s mind. After being turned away again Cullen finally makes the decision to move on. Just when it may be too late Joseph has a change of heart, but will he be able to open hid heart up to Cullen the way that he needs?




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