Long Hard Ride By Lorelei James

Rough Riders 1 – Long Hard Ride By Lorelei James

RR1 LHRChanning Kinkaid has always followed her mother’s rules. After chucking it all for a summer following the rodeo Channing find herself in a predicament, when her travel companion turns out to be a sleezeball. Colby McKay has not taken his eyes off her since she showed up. Now that she is without her tag along he finally makes his move. Channing takes Colby’s offer to travel with him and his buddies, with the stipulation that sexual experimentation is the number one reason why she has said yes. With all the time the two get to spend together thing’s start to change. The summer is drawing to a close and Channing is running out of time to tell him how she really feels, when tragedy is determined to keep them apart.




Here are some great magazine’s to help keep you in the country dream.

American Cowboy

Big Sky Journal

Blue Ridge Country


Country Gardens

Country Living

Cowboys & Indians

Fly Tyer

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