Shoulda Been A Cowboy By Lorelei James

Rough Riders 7 – Shoulda Been A Cowboy By Lorelei James

RR7 SBaCCam McKay is now back in Sundance and has taken a job as a deputy with the sheriff’s department. Cam’s life is very isolated and he now carries his battle scars like a tarnished armor. Pushing the members of his family away because he doesn’t want to see the pity in their eyes has become his new SOP. Domini’s life before moving to Sundance was always ruled by other people. Now that she finally gets to make decision’s about her own life she now has the very difficult decision about someone else’s life. When Cam offers to help her Domini takes him up on it, but will she be able to walk away from the wounded warrior once the problem is resolved?





Here are some great magazine’s to help keep you in the country dream.

American Cowboy

Big Sky Journal

Blue Ridge Country


Country Gardens

Country Living

Cowboys & Indians

Fly Tyer

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