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Melissa F. Miller

Melissa F. Miller

Irreparable Ham is the Book of the week at Itunes. Its the first in this legal thriller series. for those that want to keep read in order the next 7 books price starts at just .99 cent. So have fun with this new author. Oh and I’m now on Pinterest , though its still new to me I have found a bunch of cheat sheet lists to help new writers and some of them I plan on using myself. Look under writer tools on my board.and the link to my Pinterest is at the bottom of my website.

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Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton I’ve been a huge fan of Laurell K Hamilton’s for many years now. I started out reading Anita’s stores first then I got into Merry Gentry. Fantasy and mystery with sizzling sexuality, all wrapped up a bow together with vampires, fey, wereanilmals, and zombies. Oh and an insecure hot chick with a whole pile of fancy weapons. Laurell has other works as well but these are by far my favorites.

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Quote-ABVH-circus-Canned.jpgRead about each Title Here⇓                         Quote ABVH Incubus opposite                                          Quote ABVH Blood Noir  cup
Book 1 Guilty Pleasures
Book 2 The Laughing Corpse
Book 3 Circus of the Damned
Book 4 The Lunatic Cafe
Book 5 Bloody Bones
Book 6 The Killing Dance
Book 7 Burnt Offerings
Book 8 Blue Moon
Book 9 Obsidian Butterfly
Book 10 Narcissus in Chains
Book 11 Cerulean Sins
Book 12 Incubus Dreams
Book 13 Micah
Book 14 Danse Macabre
Book 15 The Harlequin
Book 16 Blood Noir
Book 17 Skin Trade
Book 18 Flirt
Book 19 Bullet
Book 20 Hit List
eSpecial 1 Beauty
Book 21 Kiss The Dead
eSpecial 2 Dancing
Book 22 Affliction
Book 23 Jason

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Kate Perry

Kate Perry

Loved By You (A Laurel Heights Novel Book 10)  I  found this one At Amazon for kindle

No not the singer! Over the last year I have found a hand full of free reads by Kate Perry. She creates lovely characters and great story lines. Check her site out and let her know what you think.

Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead

Vampires that are good? Well in the Vampire Academy they are. Oh, but there are evil killing ones also. Based in the Pennsylvanian mountains, the Vampire Academy series follows Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway. They not only have to fight there way threw high school, but also have to find ways the solve mysteries and stay alive. V.A. is a 6 book series that spans trials like vampire attacks, fight scenes, romance, high school drama, murder and imprisonment. And after all is said and done the series takes a great spin off to follow the Alchemist, Sydney Sage in the Bloodlines series. From vampires to witches and so much more. Both of these series have what it takes to keep you guessing. Take a look and don’t forget to visit the authors pages I link too. Oh and authors love feedback so if you find something you love to read take a couple of minutes and let them know.
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Vampire Academy Series (Young Adult)

#1 – Vampire Academy  

#2 – Frostbite    

#3 – Shadow Kiss

#4Blood Promise

#5 – Spirit Bound 

 #6- Last Sacrifice 

Bloodlines Series (Young Adult)

#1 – Bloodlines

#2 – The Golden Lily 

#3 – The Indigo Spell

#4 – The Fiery Heart

#5 – Silver Shadows

#6 – The Ruby Circle

Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare

Award winning , and well know author Cassandra Clare has created a lively and colorful world. The Mortal Instruments book 1, The City of Bone has already gone to the big screen. Ok here is where I tell you the truth about my reading habits. Since my budget is so low I can almost never buy a new book. So I’m stuck with borrowing from friends or buying second-hand. With that in mind I have to tell you that I have only had a chance to read up to book 3 City of Glass in the Mortal Instruments. I have just recently started this blog, so having spent more time search for new free leads is how I can across the fact that there are 3 more M.I. books available. So seems like I’ve got some catching up to do. Cassandra Clare also has a number of other books I’ve got to catch up on. Clockwork Angel, being one of them. Cassandra Clare did such a great job closing out the City of Glass book that I thought there might not be another one. So until recently I didn’t keep track of what she was up to. So here I am getting caught up. Let me know what you think, but please no spoilers on this one. I want to be surprised. If you go to Cassandra Clare’s Homepage and sign up for the mailing list they will send you a code for a free book. Not only will get a code for a free book you will also be directed to,but the site also has hundreds of free books. Worth checking out, the link to her page is at the top of this post. Again to everyone let me know if you come across any free reads and I’ll make sure the word gets passed on. I also found 1 writers reference book for free: How to write a new york times bestseller in ten easy steps By Jason Mulgrew

keep in mind that i just found it and haven’t read it yet

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Mortal Instruments series                Movie

1 City of Bones                                    City of Bones
2 City of Ashes
3 City of Glass
4 City of Fallen Angels
5 City of Lost Souls
6 City of Heavenly Fire

Free Books for your ereader

Bookstrand is limited author’s but has over 400 free books!!!! I even found Selena Kitt and Lynn Hagen

Ellora’s Cave is a great site for all manor of erotica. Also a great place pick up some free reads

If romantic erotica is more your speed then Totally Bound has it. A wide range of Authors and even some free reads. They also have the option to download to your Kindle.

Amazon has lots of free books and great prices on all your favorite Kindle products.

Itunes always has a great free list that updates regularly

Carol Lynne

Carol Lynne


gym white horse 2 surfin 1 free horsesI’ve been a long time fan of award winning author Carol Lynne. She has an amazing way of creating a world with rich characters. Steeped in sexy man on man romantic love affairs and character building triumphs, Carol Lynne’s finger is on the pulse of the LGBT Community. Whether you prefer Werewolves, Vampires, Cowboys, Sheriffs, Sports or just young sexy College Students Carol Lynne provides something for everyone. Each book a great short-ish read as a stand alone, but is even better beginning at the start of each series. Carol Lynne is an author with a great sense of humor. She has created one of my favorite worlds and communities, Good-time Boys Series. I’ts great series with love, gay sex, humor, heartbreak, pain, and triumph. In my opinion this is series for romantic erotica fans. Oh and did I forget to mention that there are Sheriff’s and cowboys. As you get to know these characters, they introduce you to 3 new ones. Rio, Ryan and Nate all continue on to there own series, based in the small town of Cattle Valley. Carol Lynne has many series to pick from. So for those that want to start from the begining. Good Time Boys can be found at TotallyBound. as well as the Cattle Valley Series. For those of you that would like to to use Itunes  or Amazon instead, It’s a Good Life (Book 5) is the last book in the series. But we get to see more of the Good Boys in the Cattle Valley series from time to time. Cattle Valley can be purchased individually, in volumes of 2 in1 and Box Sets of 5. Within Cattle Valley series there is any number of personalities to fall in love with. Soldiers, Firefighters, and bears oh my! A great one is the story Hawk’s Landing featuring Kit. When Kit’s safety is threatened in her home town because they don’t think boys are supposed to wear dresses, she moved to Cattle Valley to be were her cousin lives. After years of being on the outside of every group while growing up Kit finds it hard to meet new people and wonders if she’d ever find someone to love her. Shortly after starting her new job in walks Hawk and turns her world upside down. After their initial encounter Hawk finds he is scared of losing Kit. I hope you take a look and become a big fan like me. If you have read any of the many other series by Carol Lynne please comment and let others know what you think.

Happy Hunting and Happy reading,


Cattle Valley Series by Carol Lynne




Book #4 – ROUGH RIDE




Book #8 – THE SOUND OF WHITE          *Truth or Dare*

Book #9 – GONE SURFIN’




Book #13 – BENT—NOT BROKEN             *FOOL’S GOLD*

Book #14 – ARM CANDY




Book #18 – SCARRED



Book #21 – THE O’BRIEN WAY











Cattle Valley Titles by Jenna Byrnes

TRUTH OR DARE By Jenna Byrnes   *Timeline between #8 ><#9*
FOOL’S GOLD By Jenna Byrnes    *Timeline between #13 ><#14*

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks

Message In A Bottle, Most of the time I post about free reads but not this one. Can I just say, WOW! I don’t want to spoil it for any one but WOW. I never saw that one coming. An emotional rollercoaster if I ever read one. I nearly finished my tissue box. I adore this book and it’s the first of his that I have read. I will definitely be reading more of his work. I have seen three movies that were adaptations of his books. The Notebook, The Last Song and Dear John. Now I see why they were such good movies. I’m going to go get a new tissue box and keep reading.

Happy hunting and Happy reading,