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Dancing By Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter ebook Special 2

Dancing By Laurell K. Hamilton

Quotes ABVH dancing lifeIn this second ebook special of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, Anita, Nathaniel, and Micah head over to Zerbrowski’s house for a family barbecue. When a few people for Nathaniel’s past shows up at the party, queue a healthy helping of awkward. Awkward turns dangerous when lies and innuendo are spread. To top it off the kids start acting as bad as the adults. In order to liven the spirit of the party Nathaniel turns to what he knows best. No… Not that! He turns to dance.Quote ABVH dancing rescue



C J Carmichael

C J Carmichael

I recently downloaded this free read from Amazon. A Daughter’s Place (Family Matters Book 1) I really liked it. And plan on keeping an eye out for the Author. This story tells the struggle of a teenage mother and the curveballs life can throw you. It’s about overcoming to trauma of a violent past, and the triumph once you accomplish it. I hope you like it and let the author know. Promise Me, Cowboy (Carrigans of the Circle C, Book 1) is another free read by this author that I have not had a chance to read yet.

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