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Jenna Byrnes

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Jenna Byrnes

Writer of many LGBT erotica books and series. On every major page and site in is nearly impossible to find a true picture of this author. Leaving me to believe that the name Jenna Byrnes is a Pen Name. None the less I am a fan of her work and am quite fond of the two contributions that she made to the Cattle Valley series. Truth or Dare & Fool’s Gold fall into the series at different times in the timeline and are from a lesbian point of view. Keep in touch.

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Truth or Dare  (8><9)

Fool’s Gold   (13><14)


All Play & No Work By Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley 1 – All Play & No Work By Carol LynneFeatured image

Still getting used to this new three-way relationship, Ryan’s new job takes the threesome to a small gay friendly town called Cattle Valley. While out shopping Nate makes a new friend of the owner of the department store, Palmer Wynfield or Wyn to his friends. Nate see’s a bruise on Wyn’s arm that looks like abuse and decides to investigate. Keeping Wyn safe keeps the three men busy while they figure out if they want to open a gym. Meanwhile in order to find out more about their new community and meet people, Nate and his two partners put together a community Halloween party.




Lynn Hagen

Man Love seems to be one of Lynn’s specialties. The Brac Pac Collection is a great start for someone looking for short reads. Each book is great as a stand alone, but is even better if you plan to continue on in the series. These characters are heartwarming and leave you with a sense of family. Action, adventure, hot sexy moments and a bit of mischief are par for the course of everyday life in the Brac Pac Village. Vampires, wolves, tigers and bears of my! From Vampires to blue fairies this collection has a bit for everyone. Let Lynne know what you think at her Blog and check out the other books she’s written as well as free reads at BookStrand.
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