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Maya Banks

Maya Banks

So here is the skinny on this set for series books. Maya Banks writes erotica! So expert some sex scenes. But the thing is she writes it in a way that family, and love are the #1 reason for all the sex. Yes this is a story about 3 men and one woman, and all about the love they share for that woman. I guess the term is ménage quatro. Anyway the men don’t get it on, so either don’t worry about that, or to bad depending on your view on the matter. Yes this is a bit of a taboo. If all you plan on picking up is the free read then keep in mind that your coming into the story in the middle of this family’s life. I would suggest at least picking up book 1 Colters’ Woman. I myself liked the free read so much that I bought all 4 books. And Coming from me (who prefers free reads) that saying a lot. I would suggest reading in the order I have listed below. Again keep in mind that a ride with Maya Banks might not be for everyone, but it might just be worth the price of addition.

Colters’ Woman (Colters’ Legacy) Book 1 Colters’ Woman

Free Colters’ Wife (Colters’ Legacy) Colters’ Wife 20 page short read

Colters’ Lady: Colters’ Legacy, Book 2 Book 2 Colters’ Lady

Colters’ Promise (Colters’ Legacy) Book 3 Colters’ Promise

Colters’ Gift (Colters’ Legacy) Book 4 Colters’ Gift