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Mistral’s Kiss By Laurell K. Hamilton

(Meredith Gentry 5) – Mistral’s Kiss By Laurell K. Hamilton

MG 5 Mist kiss timeMG 5 Mist Kiss bloodAfter waking up from an enchanted dream Meredith now has the ability to return Abeloec to his former glory. When the God himself tells her to drink and be merry, the guards that are nearest her are all sent to Dead Gardens. Merry and her men are now given the choose to awaken the garden through sex and magic. With all this going on they then find out that if Merry doesn’t use her words carefully the Sithen will give her exactly what she asked for. After changing the Sithen she has created an even more dangerous environment for Meredith. Admitting that she can’t keep Meredith safe the Queen sends her and her men back to L.A.




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