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The Heart’s Victory By Nora Roberts

The Heart’s Victory By Nora Roberts

NR hearts victoryCynthia Fox or Foxy as her brother dubbed her, has always been an independent person. Even as a teenager she had the run of the race tracks that  she and her brother would travel to. Now that she is all grown up and back at the tracks on assignment she remembers just how much she has missed the people and family atmosphere. Lance Matthews has always had a fondness for the skinny oil smudged Foxy and now that she is back and of age he has no intention of letting her go.  Even after all the races that she has seen Foxy still has an almost ill reaction every time her brother gets on the track. Lance makes it difficult for Foxy to walk away from him. Especially after he realizes just how much they can have together. Foxy’s worst fears are realized when her brother wrecks his car during a race. Lance takes a chance and asks Foxy to marry him. After rushing into marriage its inevitable that problems will arise.




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