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Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead

Vampires that are good? Well in the Vampire Academy they are. Oh, but there are evil killing ones also. Based in the Pennsylvanian mountains, the Vampire Academy series follows Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway. They not only have to fight there way threw high school, but also have to find ways the solve mysteries and stay alive. V.A. is a 6 book series that spans trials like vampire attacks, fight scenes, romance, high school drama, murder and imprisonment. And after all is said and done the series takes a great spin off to follow the Alchemist, Sydney Sage in the Bloodlines series. From vampires to witches and so much more. Both of these series have what it takes to keep you guessing. Take a look and don’t forget to visit the authors pages I link too. Oh and authors love feedback so if you find something you love to read take a couple of minutes and let them know.
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Vampire Academy Series (Young Adult)

#1 – Vampire Academy  

#2 – Frostbite    

#3 – Shadow Kiss

#4Blood Promise

#5 – Spirit Bound 

 #6- Last Sacrifice 

Bloodlines Series (Young Adult)

#1 – Bloodlines

#2 – The Golden Lily 

#3 – The Indigo Spell

#4 – The Fiery Heart

#5 – Silver Shadows

#6 – The Ruby Circle