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All Play & No Work By Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley 1 – All Play & No Work By Carol LynneFeatured image

Still getting used to this new three-way relationship, Ryan’s new job takes the threesome to a small gay friendly town called Cattle Valley. While out shopping Nate makes a new friend of the owner of the department store, Palmer Wynfield or Wyn to his friends. Nate see’s a bruise on Wyn’s arm that looks like abuse and decides to investigate. Keeping Wyn safe keeps the three men busy while they figure out if they want to open a gym. Meanwhile in order to find out more about their new community and meet people, Nate and his two partners put together a community Halloween party.




The Witness By Nora Roberts

The Witness By Nora Roberts

NR witness BBq NR witness lightElizabeth Fitch has been organized all her life by an over a achieving mother. Elizabeth decides to reinvent herself. Liz emerges with a new hair cut dyed black and a new wardrobe. Liz and her new friend run off to a club and get into a bit of trouble. From one tragedy to the next Liz finds herself on the run and looking for a new identity. Abigail Lowery has settled into this small town community. Soon she finds her solitude being interrupted by a nosy sheriff and his equally nosy mother. After all the years of hard work to keep herself safe she finds it hard to open up to people.  Abigail finds herself exploring this new relationship even at the risk of her own safety.

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