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Stephenie Meyer

Shephenie Meyer has had some major success in her writing career. All of which have gone on to become some of the most popular movies since 2008. Now that she has had so much success I find myself asking what is next for Stephenie Meyer and whether she plans on staying with books or will her writing take new heights and continue on the big screen. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

Update: Check this out http://ficklefishfilms.com/  Did you know she owns a production company? Way to go Mrs. Meyer!

– Twilight

– New Moon

– Eclipse

– Breaking Dawn

– The Host

Vamp VS. Vamp

I’ve wondered in the past why Stephenie Meyer decided to make her vampires sparkly? Was it to make them appear more likable and romantic. Quote twilight ECL seduceThe big difference is probable due to the fact is the Twilight series is YA rated and it would be much to scary for the kids if she were to have written bloodier and more graphic scenes. I would have loved to have read an x rated version with more blood and intimate details about the Cullen’s and the relationship between Bella and Edward. I can just picture a sparkly cover with a big red X across  the front and  wrapped in plastic so the kids can’t peek.Quote ABVH circus mirror

That is why I love Laurell K. Hamilton’s vampires that little bit more. More blood and guts. More sex scenes and just more for adults in general. Laurell has found a way to keep the gore and raunchy and still give each character the romance and likability. With the added bonus having scary vampires to hate, the world of Anita Blake is more my speed.

About Rinners!!!

How often have you read a book and thought that there is no way that a movie could be anywhere as good as the book. The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer had me hooked from the first page. I just happened to start reading the book one a week after the movie came out on DVD. So a friend of mine let me borrow the book. I was about into chapter 3 that she told me that she had the DVD. So bookmarked book in hand I watched the first of 5 Twilight Saga movies. And this is the start of my reading obsession. From an antisocial teenage girl and her love of a nearly century old starkly vampire to werewolf legends and werewolf / vampire battles. I guess you can see why I was hooked and I’m not the only one. Stephenie Meyer has created a hugely imaginative story in the Twilight Saga. I haven’t always been big on reading as a hobby or for enjoyment. Until I found one book that turned it all around for me. Some people would say that is’t a young adult book, much to young for a 35-year-old to enjoy. Nahhhh. I have always been a fan of movies based in high school, so why not books too? So I started to explore my interests wider into Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica and many more. In my search I found many sites giving away FREE ebooks, Best sellers, and Direct links to the author webpages. I also found info on new authors, and how to publish yourself sites. If you have more Great sites and info to add please comment. Since then I’ve found other great Authors like these!!!  https://fictionfanbookroom.wordpress.com/category/author/

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