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Blood Bound By Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson 2 – Blood Bound By Patricia Briggs

quote MT blood bound mechquote MT blood bound manWhen Mercedes Thompson’s friend calls her for a favor Mercy’s life is put in danger and Stefan’s honor is smudged. The local vampires call on Mercy to testify on Stefan’s behalf. While doing security patrols members of the pack start to disappear. Adams steps in  to find them and soon goes missing as well. When the truth is revealed about who is behind the attacks Mercy uses her walker powers to find him. Not being a werewolf can serve as an advantage in order to save her pack members. With a friends magic, a vampire bond, and her hard headed determination to save her friends, Mercy goes head to head with the sorcerer.




Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson 1 – Moon Called By Patricia Briggs

quote MT moon called coffeequote MT moon called lies

When a young man steps into Mercedes Thompson garage looking for work it becomes quite apparent that he is not just human. When his arrival also brings trouble with him Mercy is forced to save him and has to call in the local Werewolf Alpha to clean up the dead before it gets worse. Additional blood on the ground is unavoidable when the pack house is attacked and Alpha Adam’s daughter is taken. In the process of trying to find his daughter his past comes back to haunt him and he ends up missing also. With the pack as back up and Mercy in her coyote form they head in to save the Alpha and his daughter.




Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson the V.W. mechanic? She is a coyote in the world of werewolves, vampires and fairies. Though she has the support of all her friends she never knows who truly is friend or foe. Mercy is forever falling into crazy situations, and struggling to find a way out of it. This great series even has a spin-off of the Alpha and Omega. Both series run in the same world and along similar time lines. Both of these series have amazing action and great characters. Check it out and don’t forget to let the author know what you think.
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