P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

HON marked markThough both of these great authors have many publications between them, the House of Night Series is one of my many favorites. Based in Oklahoma and surrounded but a gothic style vampire high school. Zoey is my favorite of all time teenagers. She reflects every insecurity of the teenage girl psyche. For that alone you want to root for her and her heard of nerds. I LOVE that saying. For everyone who has ever felt insecure or just loves vampire stories this series just does it for me!!! Give it a look. And don’t for get check out the Author pages I link to for further info and extra fun stuff.
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House of Night

House of Night Series



Message to my Followers!!

Message to my Followers!!

I’m pretty new to all this blogging business and still have a hard time putting my personal writing out there. But I really like writing the synopsis and reviews. What I’m asking for your help with is feedback, and corrections. I’m horrid at spelling and spell-check only catches so much. But even after rereading something for the 10th time it will still get past me. PLEASE comment on this post if you come across anything that needs my attention. I really appreciate all of your help. Also Thank You so much for coming by to see what I’m doing everyday. Your likes and follows are much appreciated.

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J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling

I love me some Harry Potter. I have said it in archived posts. I am a fan of YA books. Why, for the simple fast that they are so innocent and often times more fanatical then adult books. The seer awesomeness of epic stories is to loose yourself in the tale. I will fully admit that it took me seeing the first couple of movies before I read the first book. That usually helps me to get into the book better and stay in the moment. I have almost Zero imagination, so after getting the just of someone else’s idea it brings the whole story home for me. J.K. Rowling’s has created the huge epic saga. I could not help but follow along while Harry finds his wand, rides his first broom, and wins his first quidditch match. I read the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe when I was a kid. But I probably would have read more if Harry Potter and his friends were around back then.
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Jasinda Wilder

Jasinda Wilder

Ever heard the saying big girls need love too? Well they do don’t they? Well this is a free box set by Jasinda Wilder. I’m going to put this out there, I’m A big girl and I’m ok with that. Not many people can say that and still be honest. Well I’m sorry that I will never be a size 4 or 10 for that matter. My size will always offend someone, and I don’t care. As long as I’m happy with me that’s what matters. So going back to this story,Big Girls Do It Boxed Set 1- 4. I picked this up free on Amazon and it hit home. It will for all the big girls out there. It’s a tale about overcoming insecurity and opening up to let someone love you for who you really are. I’ve already read it twice. This might even be a good one for the guy in your life that my not understand what your going threw. Some people aren’t good with words and a story like this might help. Hope you like it and don’t forget to let the author know what you think.
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Diana Palmer

Diana Palmer

I have read so many of Diana Palmer’s books over the years, I just don’t know where to start. Having written well over a hundred novels its easy to see that Award Winning Author Diana Palmer is a writer to the core. The Long Tall Texan stories have been around for many years and I love the fact that Diana puts a personal note in each one of them filling us in on her reasoning and thought process with each character and book she publishes. I really like that she gives a little about past characters in her newer books just to let us know how they get on as time passes. Making each book feel like catching up with family. As Diana continues to drop more books on us I’ll continue keeping in touch.
Happy hunting and Happy reading,

Booklist as found at


Calhoun – Silhouette Romance #580 (1988)
Justin – Silhouette Romance #592 (1988)
Tyler – Silhouette Romance #604 (1989)
Sutton’s Way – Silhouette Romance #670 (1989)
Ethan – Silhouette Romance #694 (1990)
Connal – Silhouette Romance #741 (1990)
Harden – Silhouette Romance #783 (1991)
Evan – Silhouette Romance #819 (1991)
Donavan – Silhouette Romance #843 (1992)
Emmet – Silhouette Romance #910 (1992)
Regan’s Pride – Silhouette Romance #1000 (1994)
That Burke Man – Silhouette Desire #0913 (1995)
“Redbird” – Abduction & Seduction (1995)
Coltrain’s Proposal – Silhouette Romance #1103 (1996)
“Paper Husband” – Husbands on Horseback (1996)
A Long Tall Texan Summer (1997)
“Christmas Cowboy” – Lone Star Christmas (1997)
Beloved – Silhouette Desire #1189 (1999)
Callaghan’s Bride – Silhouette Romance #1355 (1999)
Love with a Long, Tall Texan (1999)
Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon – Silhouette Special Edition #1297 (January 2000)
The Texas Ranger – MIRA Books (August 2001)
A Man of Means – Silhouette Desire #1429 (April 2002)
“Garden Cop” With a Southern Touch (June 2002)
Lionhearted – Silhouette Romance #1631 (December 2002)
Man in Control – Silhouette Desire #1537 (October 2003)
“The Founding Father” -A Hero’s Kiss (December 2003)
Cattleman’s Pride – Silhouette Romance #1718 (May 2004)
Carrera’s Bride – Silhouette Special Edition #1645 (November 2004)
Boss Man – Silhouette Desire #1688 (November 2005)
Winter Roses – Harlequin Romance #3985 (November 2007)
Iron Cowboy – Silhouette Desire #1856 (March 2008)
Heart of Stone – Silhouette Special Edition 1921 (September 2008)
The Maverick – Silhouette Desire #1982 (December 2009)
Tough to Tame – Harlequin Romace #4159 (April 2010)
Dangerous – HQN (June 2010)
Merciless – HQN (August 2011)
True Blue – Harlequin Special Edition #2155 (December 2011)
Protector – HQN (July 2013)
Texas Born – Harlequin Special Edition #2359 (October 2014)


Soldier of Fortune – Silhouette Romance #340 (1985)
The Tender Stranger – Silhouette Desire #230 (1985)
Enamored – Silhouette Desire #420 (1988)
Mercenary’s Woman – Silhouette Romance #1444 (2000)
The Winter Soldier – Silhouette Desire #1351 (2001)


The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss – Silhouette Desire #702 (1992)
The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor -Silhouette Desire #715 (1992)
The Case of the Missing Secretary – Silhouette Desire #733 (1992)


Circle of Gold – Silhouette Romance (2000)
The Wedding in White – Silhouette Desire (2000)
The Men Of Medicine Ridge (2-in-1 reissue of Circle of Gold & The Wedding in White)- HQN TP (October 2004)
Diamond In The Rough – Harlequin Romance #4087 (April 2009)
Will of Steel – Silhouette Desire #2054 (December 2010)


Wyoming Tough – HQN (November 2011)
Wyoming Fierce – HQN (November 2012)
Wyoming Bold – HQN (November 2013)
Wyoming Strong – HQN (November 2014)


The Cowboy and the Lady – Silhouette Desire #12 (1982)
Lacy (1991)

Heather’s Song – Silhouette Special Edition #33 (1983)
Passion Flower – Silhouette Romance #328 (1985)

Rawhide & Lace – Silhouette Desire #306 (1986)
Unlikely Lover – Silhouette Romance #472 (1986)

Fit for a King – Silhouette Romance #0349 (1987)
Reluctant Father -Silhouette Desire #0469 (1989)

Friends and Lovers – Silhouette Desire #0050 (1982)
Rage of Passion – Silhouette Desire #0325 (1987)

His Girl Friday – Silhouette Desire #529 (1990)
Hunter – Silhouette Desire #606 (1991)

Night of Love – Silhouette Desire #0799 (1993)
King’s Ransom – Silhouette Romance #971 (1993)
Secret Agent Man – Silhouette Desire #0829 (1994)

Cheyenne McCray

Cheyenne McCray

FYI Adults only. If I haven’t mentioned before my blog is not for kids. Under 18 need not apply. This author is one of many of those reasons. Many Of Cheyenne McCray’s stories are steeped in the BDSM life style. Many of her stories reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of OZ, but with a hole different adult take on it. Some of her newer books have cowboys. Many of the stories I come across in my Free Hunt are of a mature nature. If you’re looking for something more Taboo, and/or off the beaten path try Ellora’s Cave or Bitten by Books. These places travel more into the dark so have fun searching and don’t forget to let the author’s know what you think. Their livelihood depends on the reader. And if we don’t tell them who will?  Oh, and both sites have free reads available pretty often.

Happy hunting and Happy reading,


Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton I’ve been a huge fan of Laurell K Hamilton’s for many years now. I started out reading Anita’s stores first then I got into Merry Gentry. Fantasy and mystery with sizzling sexuality, all wrapped up a bow together with vampires, fey, wereanilmals, and zombies. Oh and an insecure hot chick with a whole pile of fancy weapons. Laurell has other works as well but these are by far my favorites.

Happy hunting and Happy reading,


Quote-ABVH-circus-Canned.jpgRead about each Title Here⇓                         Quote ABVH Incubus opposite                                          Quote ABVH Blood Noir  cup
Book 1 Guilty Pleasures
Book 2 The Laughing Corpse
Book 3 Circus of the Damned
Book 4 The Lunatic Cafe
Book 5 Bloody Bones
Book 6 The Killing Dance
Book 7 Burnt Offerings
Book 8 Blue Moon
Book 9 Obsidian Butterfly
Book 10 Narcissus in Chains
Book 11 Cerulean Sins
Book 12 Incubus Dreams
Book 13 Micah
Book 14 Danse Macabre
Book 15 The Harlequin
Book 16 Blood Noir
Book 17 Skin Trade
Book 18 Flirt
Book 19 Bullet
Book 20 Hit List
eSpecial 1 Beauty
Book 21 Kiss The Dead
eSpecial 2 Dancing
Book 22 Affliction
Book 23 Jason

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Kate Perry

Kate Perry

Loved By You (A Laurel Heights Novel Book 10)  I  found this one At Amazon for kindle

No not the singer! Over the last year I have found a hand full of free reads by Kate Perry. She creates lovely characters and great story lines. Check her site out and let her know what you think.

Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead

Vampires that are good? Well in the Vampire Academy they are. Oh, but there are evil killing ones also. Based in the Pennsylvanian mountains, the Vampire Academy series follows Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway. They not only have to fight there way threw high school, but also have to find ways the solve mysteries and stay alive. V.A. is a 6 book series that spans trials like vampire attacks, fight scenes, romance, high school drama, murder and imprisonment. And after all is said and done the series takes a great spin off to follow the Alchemist, Sydney Sage in the Bloodlines series. From vampires to witches and so much more. Both of these series have what it takes to keep you guessing. Take a look and don’t forget to visit the authors pages I link too. Oh and authors love feedback so if you find something you love to read take a couple of minutes and let them know.
Happy hunting and Happy reading,

Vampire Academy Series (Young Adult)

#1 – Vampire Academy  

#2 – Frostbite    

#3 – Shadow Kiss

#4Blood Promise

#5 – Spirit Bound 

 #6- Last Sacrifice 

Bloodlines Series (Young Adult)

#1 – Bloodlines

#2 – The Golden Lily 

#3 – The Indigo Spell

#4 – The Fiery Heart

#5 – Silver Shadows

#6 – The Ruby Circle

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks

Message In A Bottle, Most of the time I post about free reads but not this one. Can I just say, WOW! I don’t want to spoil it for any one but WOW. I never saw that one coming. An emotional rollercoaster if I ever read one. I nearly finished my tissue box. I adore this book and it’s the first of his that I have read. I will definitely be reading more of his work. I have seen three movies that were adaptations of his books. The Notebook, The Last Song and Dear John. Now I see why they were such good movies. I’m going to go get a new tissue box and keep reading.

Happy hunting and Happy reading,